Favorite Raleigh Brewery Websites

Quillor, a Raleigh-based studio, helps brands to tell their story on the web. What’s your story? We love to share these awesome breweries that have a compelling story shown through their websites. 

1. Clouds Brewing


Clouds showcases that “technologically advanced bar” with their first of its kind self-serve beer wall in the Triangle. The Downpour allows you to pay by the ounce so you can try a taste of each beer or a glass of your favorite. The essence of The Downpour is captured on the homepage with a spectacular photograph that brings the viewer in to check out the rest of the website.


2. Big Boss Brewing


Big Boss brews beer for those who appreciate different styles of beer that not only taste different but are made well and always satisfy. On the beer page, each brew is shown in a visually appealing way and if you want to find out more information on one you can rollover the image. This is a simple and easy way to get customers to come in and try the beer they read about.


3. Compass Rose Brewery


Compass Rose’s mission is to provide exceptional hand-crafted beers in an inviting setting where anyone can experience consistent quality. This quality is reflected through their bold photography and their overall presentation of the website. As you would expect, there is beer showcased with their descriptions on the homepage. This makes the user experience start off great with what they’re looking for right in front of them.


4. Tasty Beverage Company


Tasty Beverage Company has the most delicious beverages on earth. Through their warm color scheme and pattern background their website is inviting and is organized very straight forward. Their beers are listed and updated daily so your beverage dreams can come true.


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