Google’s Simple and Successful “Parisian Love” Video

The Brand Story

Google promotes their search services with a compelling love story about a student who finds true love while studying abroad, all while using Google Search. In the beginning, the power of curiosity is shown through asking tourist questions and simple translations, but as time goes on this curiosity shifts towards falling in love. By the end, Google Search has given advice on relationships that turn into marriage and ultimately starting a family.

Why this story works

The Sound of Silence

This video says everything without saying anything. By removing all dialogue, we are left to use our imagination and interpretation. The mind can tell a much richer story with it’s imagination than anyone else. 

Compelling Content

The story is inspirational and relatable to anyone who has been in love. The viewer can recollect their own experiences and memories to keep the story engaging and memorable. This video shows that everyone is human and has everyday life questions and Google is there as a reliable source.

Show, Don’t tell

The Google Search features are being shown in a natural compelling way without feeling like an advertisement. With the close view of the webpage, it’s as if you’re the one on Google Search and typing in the questions. Instead of the advertisement saying Google is a search engine, it shows the searching in action.

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