The Power of Storytelling

There is no doubt, businesses old and new are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to influence an audience. It could be argued, however, that one of the most effective tools in a marketer’s toolkit is the art of story-telling. While this is not a new concept, many struggle to tell a captivating story effectively and get their message lost in all the other advertising noise being thrown at consumers.

Why is storytelling an effective way to capture the attention of your audience?

A story is created not only to grab the attention of the reader but to do more than that, it must capture the reader’s imagination too. When used correctly, a story seeks not only to communicate a message but to draw in the reader and make them a part of the story being told.

The 21st Century and modern storytelling

In the 21st century, your ability to stand out from your competitors and claim market share depends greatly on your ability to tell convincing, captivating stories. Today consumers are confronted with a barrage of media, from the moment you check your emails in the morning and jump in the car and listen to the radio, companies are competing for their space in the noise of the daily media consumed by us all every day. For new businesses especially, storytelling provides a powerful way to engage consumers and stand out from the crowd.

Why is storytelling a start-up’s best friend?

When starting a new company, you will often find yourself in one of two places. Either you will have a new concept that is foreign to consumers requiring explanation, or you will be launching a familiar product or service into an already crowded market. For either scenario, you need consumers to not only buy into your idea, but the story of your company as a whole. We can all think of a time when we have purchased a more expensive product to support a local business, or paid a premium for an equivalent product with a better service offering. Using storytelling effectively will ensure your product or service is selected over your competitors.

How can you use storytelling effectively for your new business?

Effectively telling the story of your business can be difficult. While you may have the writing ability, often you are too close to your own business and need someone to look at your company objectively and sing your praises. Through experience, I have learned that investing in a professional to tell your company’s story is money well spent.

Where can I find an agency?

Trying to source a marketing agency that is highly capable in the unique art of storytelling can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. See what Quillor can do for your business today.