Enfusion is a tech startup for professional athlete. They provide software for fitness analytics and needed Quillor to help define their brand.


We first began our branding process with a kick-off branding workshop to discover their brand story.

The Branding Workshop Process

We crafted a worksheet for Enfusion to help us understand the story behind their brand.

Here are the components of our branding workshop:


The vision for Enfusion is to revolutionize the analysis of endurance training data by using the most advanced methods/technologies available, with equal emphasis on usability/convenience for a broad usership.


The brand personality for Enfusion is like Robert Downey Jr. The Brand is strong, confident and assertive.


Competitive athletes tend to have Type-A personalities, and are highly motivated and goal-oriented. They tend to be upper-middle class, unless they are category 1 racers (like semi-pro) or professional racers.

Robert Downy Jr Enfusion Brand Inspiration By Quillor

Creative Direction

The story of Enfusion is a crossroad between the analytical world of software and the gritty arena of athletic performance.

Visual Inspiration

The Enfusion brand is inspired by technical graphs and brawny athletes.

Logo Inspiration

The logo was inspired by the bike signage. A repetitive motif in the experience of professional bike athletes.

Enfusion Branding Pinterest Board by Quillor


We crafted a comprehensive brand style guide and gave Enfusion a library of visual assets to tell their story.


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