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Evolvemint is a fashion-forward startup that empowers women in Bangladesh by using Fair Trade principles. They needed a website to tell their story.


We first began our branding process with a kick-off branding workshop to discover their brand story.

The Branding Strategy

We worked with the Evolvemint Team to discover a brand for their luxury artisan fashion vision.

Brand Personality

The Evolvemint brand is like Diane von Furstenburg. She is classy, elegant and has a simple and elegant style that brings out the beauty and elegance of a woman.

Brand Voice

The Evolvemint tone is authentic and alluring. It seeks to engage its audience with a voice that seeks adventure and beauty.


Professional women between the ages of 27 – 60. They are also conscious of social issues and would like to contribute. They have some disposable income, and are attracted to quality fashion – not fast fashion.

Diane von Furstenberg Evolvemint Brand Inspiration By Quillor

Website Design

We worked with the Evolvemint Team to discover what their luxury artisan website wanted to look like.

Visual Inspiration

To experience the Evolvemint brand is like a sensual evening in Morocco with intricate marble architecture, polished silver vases and an infinite horizon of clear blue water.

Luxurious Artisan

The Evolvemint brand used dark and subtle tones to communicate it’s luxurious aesthetic. Deep reach texture of wood grain and calligraphy icons communicate the hand-crafted artisan nature of the brand.


We created a beautiful website that was mobile-responsive to display on multiple screen-sizes and devices.

Enfusion Branding Pinterest Board by Quillor


We designed and developed a mobile-responsive website for the Evolvemint Brand.


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